Error 502 BlitzJS


I have one problem on my render Render · The Easiest Cloud For All Your Apps.

Sometimes I have 502 error and server restart with no error.

Other strange issue: I use AWS cloud for pictures and loading picture is very very very slow.

Thank you

Hi @M0rdreck,

I was not able to locate anything that shows a 502 error. Do you have a request log that shows the 502? Specifically, I’d want to see the response headers. That will help us track down where these errors are originating. Thanks!

Hello this morning we have many 502 error i think we have when project is update.

And many time we load picture from aws cdn and the picture is not showing and many time finish with 502 error.

Hi @M0rdreck, I still can’t seem to see anything on our end that indicates a 502 error can you send me the logs you have that show this happening?

Hum the error 502 appear when blitzjs restart but I don’t have any error log who say why blitzjs restart.

Hello, i have new information.

I have 502 error when the call to postgres database is to long


Network request
21.76 s (21.70 s network transfer + 61.04 ms resource loading)
Request Method
Mime Type
Encoded Data
541 kB
Decoded Body
5.1 MB

Hello, render have limit on post duration or body size ?