Env vars are being overwritten by blueprint's `fromService` directive

Hi there. We’re switching to a blueprint file (here it is) so that we can spin up preview environments for internal review and user testing.

We’re making use of the fromService directive to coordinate URLs and so on between different services. This works well for default setups on preview environments, where we need it to ‘just work’.

However, on production, we have multiple custom domains which require us to manually override some of the environment variables. We run a multi-tenancy service and would prefer not to hardcode all these domains into the Render.yaml file.

The problem is it seems Render rewrites these overwritten environment variables on every git push. How can we persist our overrides?

This sounds like it’s “working as expected”.

A Blueprint ensures that the service it’s managing is setup correctly and so that would mean updating values you may have manually updated in the dashboard to those the blueprint has defined in it.

You may need to consider a different render.yaml for production compared to preview envs. I’ve detailed this in this thread previously https://community.render.com/t/suggestions-how-to-have-a-permanent-staging/7280 and provided some of the reasoning - take a look and I can answer any further questions here,