Email when deploy fails?

Just what it says - curious if there’s any way I can get an email notification when a deployment fails. I’m so used to it “just working” that I’ve missed the past few failures.


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The option to enable email notifications on failed deploys can be found under Account Settings on the Render dashboard.

Once you login click on the dropdown menu on the right.

Then choose Account Settings


Choose your Failure notification settings:

If a service belongs to a team, the process is mostly the same: choose TeamName > Team Settings instead of Account Settings.

Hmm, that is how my settings are currently configured yet I didn’t get any emails last week when deploys started failing due to the issue mentioned in Elixir/Phoenix Docs are Wrong (and how are environment changes tested by Render?)

Anything else I should do to enable this?

Hi sparker,

Thanks for following up. I found an issue on our side that was preventing the notifications from being delivered. We’ve since pushed a fix and it shouldn’t be an issue going forward.

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