Domain setting for sendgrid smtp (rails)

The sendgrid docs say to use

:domain => ''

in the ActionMailer smtp settings. However! A whole bunch of tutorials for setting this up on heroku note that that the domain should be And indeed in our application we’ve been using that value for the past 8 years.

As I transition to Render I thought I’d check on this. Anyone know if the domain value should be my domain, or or ?

Hi there,

Hmmm. Looking at the ActionMailer docs domain has the following:

:domain - If you need to specify a HELO domain, you can do it here.

The SendGrid docs as you’ve found ( show:

  :domain => '',

Personally, I’d go with whatever domain I’m sending emails for - although I’d imagine that there’s a chance that Sendgrid don’t actually do anything with this value anyway

John B

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