Does render allow other cli's apart from npm?

my api is a node typescript project and it requires swc to compile files for it to work, but i get this error when i try to use swc

 swc src -d dist --source-maps --copy-files
Feb 8 04:35:15 PM  
Feb 8 04:35:15 PM  sh: 1: swc: not found

i already moved it from dev dependencies to regular dependencies but im still getting this error please help


Thanks for reaching out!

Your current build command is “npm; npm run build”. The command “npm” is not a valid build command as it does not do anything in particular. This means that it will not install any packages or run any scripts, so it is not a useful command for building a project.

To build a project, you should use the command “npm install” which will install all the necessary packages first. You may also want to add “npm run build” or any other build command after that.

Jérémy, Render Support

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