DNS look up failures for outbound requests

We have a polling service that polls outbound every five minutes, from last night we have been seeing intermittent errors which looks like unsuccessful resolution of DNS. Logs look like:

17 13:10:00 srv-brqg868951c5vg1hhc40-76bd5d7dc6-hchsz user-server error OpportunityUpdatedQueue: Job with id repeat:a09e0fc38b4ab1732c31fb75d995bd77 with data {“organizationID”:4,“jobId”:“OPPORTUNITY_UPDATED_QUEUE_4”} has failed. Failure reason: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND serve.onegraph.com.
ENOTFOUND serve.onegraph.com
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Are there any known issues on your end, or is there a way to get more visibility ?

Adding response here for posterity: We didn’t have any widespread DNS issues.

Have you seen more of this error?

Yes, @Ralph, it still keeps happening intermittently, I’m happy to share more about app and logs privately.

Let me know how can I provide more information regarding this :slight_smile: