Django web service talking to Celery Background Job


I have a django web service and a repo that holds the code and all the tasks I wrote for my website

On another repo, following Render’s docs, I’ve deployed a repo into a celery background worker service with the boilerplate code.

I don’t believe this is documented anywhere, how do I use my seperate deployed celery worker to run tasks from my repo remotetechjob?

I saw a post that says that we should use render.yaml files in the root of each repo and the start command should point to remotetechjob, however:

 ==> Starting service with 'celery -A remotetechjob worker --beat -l info'
Oct 20 12:27:16 AM  Error:
Oct 20 12:27:16 AM  Unable to load celery application.
Oct 20 12:27:16 AM  The module remotetechjob was not found.

Hi, have you tried deploying with your remotetechjob repo instead of our template repo? The template repo just has one simple example task: celery/ at master · render-examples/celery · GitHub. We suggest either forking the template repo and adding your own tasks, or using your existing repo and configuring the background worker in a similar manner to what we describe in the doc: Deploy a Celery Worker | Render

So I would have 2 services: a web service with the remotetechjob repo and a background worker service also with the remotetechjob repo?


For people reading this, you’ll need to add the same ENV vars as well as change the start command to celery...

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Yup, that’s right. Let us know if you run into any further issues.

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