Django create superuser but render shell not available on free plan

I have successfully deployed my Django app by following the Manual Deployment tutorial. The last step is to create a new superuser by running the command in the render shell but I am not able to access the render shell unless I upgrade to a paid plan. Is there workaround for this issue?

Also the app is raising a new error:

ProgrammingError at /admin/login/

relation "accounts_customuser" does not exist
LINE 1: ..."."date_joined", "accounts_customuser"."age" FROM "accounts_...

so I would like to know if and how I can view the source code for the current app build in the render dashboard?

Thank you to all


This has come up before on the forum, e.g.

You can add the command to your Build Command and make it run without input by setting some environment variables, covered in the article from the other post: Once run once you can remove the superuser command from your build command.

If you want to see a built instance filesystem you would need a paid plan to have Shell access.


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