"dig ${service_address}" in tailscale subnet router not returning anything

Not sure if I’m doing something wrong.
I deployed temporal using this template to my team: GitHub - render-examples/temporal
I then deployed the tailscale subnet router using this template to the same team: GitHub - render-examples/tailscale: Tailscale Subnet Router on Render

I got the service address of the temporal-frontend service → went to the tailscale subnet router shell → ran “dig ${service_address}”, and nothing shows up?

Are there some other steps I’m missing

What does dig <temporal-front-service-service-slug> return where ``temporal-front-service-service-slug` is the internal hostname of the service.

John B

Hey, thanks for reaching back.

It returns nothing.

Looks like you should be doing dig temporal-frontend-0w53 from the shell tab of render-subnet-router service - and that returns nothing?

John B

Yup, this was it, I was using the port when running dig. :person_facepalming:
Thank you!

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