Connecting my paid webservices to my home network via tailscale

I have a paid web service and I am trying to connect it via tailscale to my home network so that I can track my plc data I am fairly new to render and I have already tested this on my local host and it works great can someone please instruct me on how to do this through my render services


Hi there,

We have an example repo here for deploying a Tailscale subnet router on Render: This should allow you to connect Tailscale to your Render services.


Render Support, UTC+10 :australia:

Hello Keith, I have already installed that exact deploy and it runs as a background worker and according to your docs it does not recieve data I need it to recieve data from my other devices on tailscale is there another way to do this or is there a way to connect tailscale directly to the server that is hosting my website and if there is a layered network in render that does connect all my services what IP is it on and how can I route directly to my website server. I am using a pylogix socket and I am gonna assume that what ever network asking for the data needs to routed through my tailscale network to get to my PLC and receive the response packets also? any help with this would be great!

Keith also do you know the specific subnets that render uses for services and can I get those to setup my subnets specifically on tailscale that way I am not clashing with other subnets I have setup.
Thank You

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