Deployment of react app failed with 143 code error

I am trying to deploy my full stack app but it keeps failing.

I connected to github account where I have my repo and everything seems to be ok, but when I start deploying, first it takes it 2 hour to finish with the process and then at the end it errors with this message:

Exited with status 143 while building your code.

I am new to Render and I wanted to try and deploy me app with it, any help with this would be appreciated!

Can you share the screenshot of the error?


Mentioning a “2 hour” build immediately points to an incorrect Build Command.

If you’re trying to deploy a React app take a look at our docs:

If you’re still having trouble after following the guide, share some specific details may help us troubleshoot it with you, e.g. logs/errors/output, build command, reproduction steps, etc.


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