Deploying multiple versions of the same code

We would like to deploy multiple versions of the same code – is there a way to do this on Render in an automated fashion?

Concretely, we have a background worker that we would like to keep running until all its jobs are finished. Only then would we want to spin it down. But, simultaneously, we would like to spin up a new version of the background worker if there is a code change.

Currently, any new code change will cause a redeploy of the worker. Is there any way to run Worker 1.0, Worker 1.1, Worker 1.2, etc.?

Hi @nlarusstone,

At the moment, we don’t have such a feature available. You can scale your service, which allows you to run several instances, however, this will still be limited to running the same version of deployed code at a time. We don’t currently allow running several instances from different deploys/commits on the same service.

We do have PR Previews which spin up a separate instance that are linked to the parent service. However, when enabled, they will be generated for every pull request opened against the synced branch of the parent service. I don’t think this would give you the level of control you are looking for.

If you’d like to see this functionality in the future, I would encourage you to submit a feature request so that we can prioritize it accordingly.


Thanks for your response! For other people interested in this, here’s the feature request: Deploying multiple versions of the same code | Feature Requests | Render

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