Deploying Angular app

I am not able to deploy my Angular app. Below is the screenshot of the config:

The error I get is:

Jan 4 10:00:34 PM  ==> Running build command 'npm build --prod'...
Jan 4 10:00:36 PM  ==> Uploading build...
Jan 4 10:00:36 PM  ==> Build folder ./dist/sunlite-electric does not exist!
Jan 4 10:00:36 PM  ==> Build failed 😞

I have also added the following rewrite rule: /* /index.html Rewrite, but it’s meaningless unless my app is booted up. I hope someone will be able to help me.

Not sure why this is working, but I followed this guide and tried it on Netlify and it worked. So I used this exact same config on Render and it worked as well. But following the official doc on Render didn’t work for me. But hey! It is what it is. I hope this will be useful for many people.