Deploy Zulip to Render Quickstart not deploying


We’re trying to deploy Zulip on Render using the Quickstart linked here: Deploy Zulip | Render · Cloud Hosting for Developers

It’s failing to build, with the webservice throwing an error. The deploy exits with status 1. Logs are copied at the end here. Thank you for any help!

Sep 28 02:53:53 PM === Begin Initial Configuration Phase ===
Sep 28 02:53:53 PM Preparing and linking the uploads folder …
Sep 28 02:53:53 PM Prepared and linked the uploads directory.
Sep 28 02:53:53 PM Executing nginx configuration …
Sep 28 02:53:53 PM Disabling https in nginx.
Sep 28 02:53:57 PM Error: Facter: setmntent failed: No such file or directory (2): mountpoints are unavailable.
Sep 28 02:53:59 PM Notice: Compiled catalog for srv-ccqb7i6n6mppu3u3c5m0-75f4ff4d4c-t7nx2.own-cad89efh8vlc1gio74o0.svc.cluster.local in environment production in 1.39 seconds
Sep 28 02:53:59 PM Notice: /Stage[main]/Zulip::Profile::Base/File[/etc/zulip/]/ensure: created
Sep 28 02:53:59 PM Notice: /Stage[main]/Zulip::Profile::Base/File[/etc/zulip/zulip-secrets.conf]/ensure: created
Sep 28 02:53:59 PM Notice: /Stage[main]/Zulip::Profile::App_frontend/File[/etc/nginx/sites-available/zulip-enterprise]/content: content changed ‘{md5}85f086aa6977456cc5f25612ecb199b9’ to ‘{md5}8a45ffc9bfb055bf4456fabc4c16c849’
Sep 28 02:53:59 PM Notice: /Stage[main]/Zulip::Nginx/Service[nginx]: Triggered ‘refresh’ from 1 event
Sep 28 02:53:59 PM Notice: Applied catalog in 0.39 seconds
Sep 28 02:53:59 PM Nginx configuration succeeded.
Sep 28 02:53:59 PM Generating self-signed certificates …
Sep 28 02:53:59 PM usage: /home/zulip/deployments/current/scripts/setup/generate-self-signed-cert [–force] [–exists-ok] EXTERNAL_HOST

Hey Todd,
I’ve raised this with our docs team - given that the Dockerfile is deploying the latest revision and that was a change over 8 months ago I suspect the example has gone a little stale - which is a problem we have with examples like this.

Our docs team will take a look at this and decide what to do here - which may be retire the example altogether.

John B

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