Covert my wordpress site to static site

Hello everyone, this is strat. I recently made a WordPress website, which is Apksoldier, but I want to convert it to a static website, but how can I do this? Can anybody help me?

Hi @Maaz_Ahmed, WordPress is by nature dynamic. It serves content from a dynamic PHP backend and the admin panel communicates with the same backend to add or change content. We wrote a guide on how you can deploy WordPress to Render.

All that said, a quick google search indicates that there are tools you can use to convert your WordPress site into a static site. I haven’t used any of these tools and don’t know how well they work. I know that you’d lose the ability to make changes through the admin panel. Once you’ve generated the static files that comprise your website, you can put these into a GitHub or GitLab repository and deploy it to Render.