Container with anycable-go can not reach Internal Address from Web Service

I have simple Dockerfile:

FROM alpine:latest

ADD anycable-go /usr/local/bin/anycable-go


ENTRYPOINT anycable-go

deployed without errors, logs shows that anycable-go starts well, I can connect to exposed port BUT I should connect anycable-go to gRPC host and I have it under Private Service with own Internal Address (render-anycable:50050 generated by which appear in anycable-go logs but can not reach this Internal Address.

I suspend gRPC host and logs look these same so I am sure anycable-go can not reach this Internal Address (render-anycable:50050)
any clue what I can do with it?

I figured it out… I needed to have all services in one location… SPEND ALL DAY TO MAKE THIS WORK, not sure if there is any information about that in docs

Hi Wojciech,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear you had trouble.

As you found, cross-region private routing isn’t currently possible, it’s noted on the regions page of the docs, but I agree we could probably make note of it on service pages also. I’ll make a note to get that added.

Thanks for using Render!


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