Connect to temporal from vercel

hi, is there any example with temporal and tailscale. i have my nextjs application deployed on vercel with edge functions. How do i connect to temporal using tailscale for my application deployed on vercel?

  • i deployed the temporal example on
  • gave the auth key from tailscale
  • Got the temporal-frontend IP by navigating the render-subnet-router service

But couldn’t connect the client from vercel. Appreciate any help.

Hi @BhaskaranR! Great question. I think the issue is likely that you don’t have tailscale running in your vercel environment. It might be possible to run tailscale on vercel in userspace mode, but according to this tweet from a tailscale employee, it’s not yet a smooth process.

The best alternative is to deploy a REST to gRPC proxy server, as described in our docs: Deploy Temporal | Render · Cloud Hosting for Developers. With this approach you wouldn’t need to use tailscale at all.

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