Cloudfare Error 520


One of the visitors to my website got a Cloudfare Error 520:

App Name : bekushal

Please suggest how to avoid this in the future.


Hi there,

I’m not seeing that error on currently.

Did it only happen to that one visitor? Was it reproducible for them or a one-off? Was that screenshot from them (looks like there may be a VPN involved)? Did it correspond to any errors in your service’s logs?

Cloudflare errors usually provide a Ray ID, which can sometimes help us look further. However, if you want to discuss your service in detail I’d suggest opening a ticket with “Contact Support” link in the dashboard.


Hi Alan, looks like a one-off error. Yes, the screenshot is from the friend’s computer. The website worked fine for me that time also. I could not really find anything in the logs. May be it was a VPN at the user’s end. Will raise a ticket if it happens again.


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