Changing the "from" address in a ghost-mailgun email newsletter hosted on render

I am running an email newsletter using Ghost that is being hosted on Render.

Followed the Render Ghost instructions and added the mailgun email config variables using ENV entries in render.

However, I would like to change the “from” field in the email, which is currently showing up in this kind of sketchy looking domain name:

Was wondering how I can get rid of the “” bit – In the Ghost documentation it looks like you should be able to change some stuff in configuration.production.json and add some fields there, but given that a bunch of the other configuration.production.json variables are being input as ENV render variables, are the render ENV variables actually overriding this config file?

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From the Ghost docs you shared, it appears you can reference configuration by using the config files structure as environment variables, e.g.:

"option": {
  "nested_option_1": {
      "nested_option_2": "foo"

Would become an environment variable (double underscores for nesting):


with a value


In the case of setting the email from address, that would an environment variable of:


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Hi, yes I tried that but that doesn’t seem to work…even after redeployed it’s still showing the render noreply email address. I’m wondering if only some of the config file fields have been whitelisted to force them through as env variables and the rest have not been…

Not sure they why environment isn’t used/respected.

I installed my own instance of Ghost and it seems there’s also a from address defined in the settings:

And expand the “email addresses” section. In my case the email address shown here, matched the format you shared originally, noreply@RENDER_DEFAULT_DOMAIN