Certification Error for Custom Domain


I have a domain name from Hostinger and am trying to deploy a Node.js web service using the custom domain. The default render domain name is khamco-shop-lccn.onrender.com and the custom domain name from Hostinger is https://www.khamcotailor.com/.

I have followed all the instructions from Render for configuring A, ALIAS, and CNAME records but am getting an error saying, “Cannot issue certificates for this site.” Not sure if this helps, but I have deleted the custom domain settings multiple times in an attempt to refresh the settings.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


I’ve replied to the ticket you also opened, but I’ll add a response here too.

The DNS records for khamcotailor.com and www.khamcotailor.com look correct, however, it appears you removed and re-added the custom domain many times. Doing that won’t resolve any DNS/certificate issues but it will rate limit you against Let’s Encrypt. The crt.sh site shows the multiple certificate requests you’ve made:

However, if you can update your CAA record with the pki.goog values shown in our docs: https://docs.render.com/custom-domains#caa-records we should be able to get you a certificate issued sooner to get you up and running.


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