Can someone help me with deploying server?

Im trying to deploy my server and keep getting issues about my node_pakages that they cannot be found. I have deleted them and reinstalled and cleaned cache and still cant deploy. Someone help me please! Im at the end of my wits! Thank you!

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Are you using Docker for your server or just a straight deploy?


At a guess, it could be a casing issue.

cannot find module './helper/populate/setPopulatedVitualValue

Render Native Runtimes uses Linux with a case-sensitive filesystem. If the casing referencing files in your code doesn’t match the casing of the file path exactly, the file won’t be found


Im just deploying, Im just learning how to do it, getting errors sure helps a lot.

been waiting for like it seems forever. Is that a good sign?

Hi! I checked my paths and all is good,I re- installed all the dependencies, i will keep digging to fins whats wrong. thanks