BUN_VERSION set to latest does not get the latest version

BUN_VERSION set to * → Gets bun 1.0
BUN_VERSION set to x → Gets bun 1.1.0
BUN_VERSION set to latest → Gets bun 1.1.0
BUN_VERSION set to >=1.1.3 → Gets bun 1.1.3
BUN_VERSION set to 1.1.4 or >=1.1.4 → Gets bun 1.1.4

This means I have to set BUN_VERSION to latest version every time specifically to get the latest version. This is very intriguing. No other workaround found.

Note: Clear build cache and deploy was used for every test.

Hi there,
At present, we require a valid version number and not version constraints etc. From the docs https://docs.render.com/bun-version

You can customize your service’s Bun version by setting the BUN_VERSION environment variable to a valid version number, such as 1.1.0.

I would suggest creating a feedback item at feedback.render.com if you want this level of control over the version used. However, from experience, setting an explicit version for any language is safer so unexpected builds don’t cause unexpected consequences.


John B
Render Support, UTC+1 :uk:

As described above, semver strings still work to some extent. It’s just they are not trying to fetch the latest version for some reason. Maybe a bug?

Ok, I’ve double checked - we are not doing any version constraining at present or anything around that - we expect the full version to be specified.

John B
Render Support, UTC+1 :uk:

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