Basic Auth on a static website


render newbie here. Is it possible to add Basic Auth autentication to a static website on render?


Hi @Narven, welcome to the Render community! We support simple HTML/CSS/JS sites as well as the most complex static site generators so the authentication would depend on the framework that you use for static site generation. Currently there isn’t any type of Render provided authentication for static sites.

Hi, thanks for the reply @tyler. Im currently using Nuxtjs for the static and also Phoenix Framework for another app, just freshly deployed without much complication thanks to the awesome powa of Render :slight_smile:

Since I have both “staging” and “production” environment, I wanted to put Basic Auth autentication on the staging side part

unless there is a another alternative to prevent staging urls to be seen.

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Did you end up with a solution for hiding your staging?

Hi there,
Nothing official yet - our Dev advocate team did write that might work for you?


John B