Backend routing working on localhost but not on deployment

So, I set up this backend using expressJS for a react app that I am working on. And when I use vs code’s thunderclient to send HTTP requests and see if routing works, it works and I see what I should see (an array of objects showing the products), but when I try to access a route on backend deployment (i.e I get a 502 getway error. When checking logs, I see that the request timed out. Why is this happening?

This would be my routing code, it’s very basic as I’m a newbie.

const { Router } = require(‘express’);

const product_router = Router();

const { getProducts, addProduct, deleteProduct, updateProduct } = require(‘…/controllers/products.controller’)

product_router.get(‘/’, getProducts);

//admin required‘/’, addProduct);

//admin required

product_router.delete(‘/:referencia’, deleteProduct);

//admin required

product_router.put(‘/:referencia’, updateProduct);

module.exports = product_router;

Any ideas?

Hi David,

Are you still running into this issue? I’m currently seeing a successful response on the route that you linked.

Let me know if you still require assistance.


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