Backend deployment stuck in a loop?

I have a monorepo for my mern app. On my local machine everything works like a charm. However in deployment, it seems my backend is stuck in a never-ending “Starting service with…” loop.

My backend then never seems to actually start, and I am unable to access my database and make GET requests.

For context: My login/register/index pages all work, and my header/footer works. I have checked and double-checked all my environments and they are correct in render. From what I’ve tried, it’s not a cors issue, an AWS issue, nor am I missing the actual endpoints in my index.jsx file.

Edit: from reading about the error itself, some suggest it’s a CORS error but my app.use is as follows:
app.use(cors({ credentials: true, origin: true, }));

If you inspect the page you’ll see the error.

What should be returning is a list of 4 places I’ve loaded into my database. No login is required to see them.

Please let me know if I can provide any more info!

Hi there,

So normally, I’d immediately suspect free plan sleeping here, but for that, the time stamps would be >15 minutes apart here.

Given the proximity of the start events, it would suggest possibly that the service is crashing and being restarted - but your application isn’t outputting anything to the logs, so it just looks like a lot of start events are occurring.


John B

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