Auto deploy is taking a long time to be triggered

We at Val Town have set up Auto Deploy to start a new deployment whenever we merge a GitHub PR into our main branch. Typically, this process kicks off almost instantly. However, today we have been experiencing significant delays between the time a commit is merged and when the deploy actually begins. Below are the delay times for our most recent commits:

  • 11:34am: 37 minutes delayed
  • 11:03am: 25 minutes delayed
  • 10:34am: 10 minutes delayed
  • 9:22am: Instant

Notably, we had 5 commits earlier today that were not deployed at all. There have been no changes to our configuration and everything was working smoothly until today. We have already checked our GitHub settings and there doesn’t seem to be an issue on that end.

Any insights or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi André,

Are you still experiencing this issue? I believe there may have been an issue (now resolved) with an upstream provider leading to these delays.



Render relies on receiving a Webhook from GitHub in order to trigger a build. GitHub had an incident involving webhook delivery earlier today that I believe aligns with your issues you experienced GitHub Status - Incident with Webhooks

Assuming that git itself isn’t impacted (and wasn’t in this case), you can still use the Render Dashboard to manually deploy a build. But the aforementioned incident was likely the cause of why your builds were delayed or missed.

Confirmed that the issue is now resolved! Thank you for the explanation!

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