Anyone seeing log level = "ALERT" in Logtail?

Pretty weird — this is what I’m seeing in Logtail for my Rails app. I set it up with the defaults for render. All of the ALERT logs should actually be INFO.

I’m wondering if it’s my app’s configuration, or something about the translation from Render to Logtail.

Thanks for reaching out. I can confirm this is expected (although undesirable) behavior. At the moment, we currently use alert as the default log level and do not automatically detect the log level from the service log. We do have an open request around this, which you can upvote to be added to a mailing list for updates.

Apologies for any confusion this may have caused - let me know if you have any further questions about this.

John B

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Sure, np. Not a big deal. This has encouraged me to ‘fix’ my Rails app’s logging, which is a known thing. I.e., set up JSON-formatted logs which I can work with on Logtail.

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