Agents to ship local logs to Grafana

Heya render community!

We’ve been using render quite a lot and are facing now an issue regarding logs.
Till now, our current log setup looks like this:

Services —> Logger —HTTP Request with logline as body —> Loki —> Grafana

This setup allows us to get all logs in Grafana without using a service agent like Promtail. It’s not the recommended and best way though. That’s why we are doing some research now on how to use Promtail to get local logs (stdout/stderr) automatically collected and shipped to Loki. Our goal is to have something like the LogDNA integration but with Promtail/Loki/Grafana. Are there any options to realise that on render?

Thanks a lot in advance.


Hi @felixheck ,

LogDNA is currently the only logging solution integrated into Render, but it should be possible to wire up promtail manually. You’ll need to run the promtail process in the same Render service as your primary process, so will need to coordinate between the two in your start command.