502 Connection Reset for File Upload

I’m struggling to figure out an issue we’re having with file uploads. I’m using caddy to proxy a file upload to our object storage(external s3 bucket that’s hosted outside of render). The proxying works great when the file is an image/* content type, but for any other content type I get a 502 error. In the response headers I see that the server is cloudflare which we aren’t using for our domain so is it possible that render is somehow blocking my non image type uploads? When I look at our caddy logs I see that the connection was reset by peer when dialing the s3 url. Again this only happens when it’s a non image content type.

Hi Jarred,
So all services that we provide are behind our CloudFlare account - we don’t block non-image type uploads and I’m sure if we were we’d have heard about it before. Is it possible to take Caddy out of the equation to first confirm uploads work as expected for the file types you are using which will then isolate whether it’s a Cadddy config issue perhaps?

John B

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