Web service working but

Hi community! Have a question, i have deployed mi web service, its working fine, but when i access it, mi service don’t bring data from database, reload the front but nothing happens, need to go to render dashboard and click on the link of my service, after that, it takes a few minutes to show the white label error page! After that it’s everything ok!

Is really a problem? need to have a special config?
There’s any way to solve it?


Hey Javier,

So if you’re using our free instance types then after 15 minutes of inactivity your service will be put to sleep and the next request will wake it up.

Typically start up time is short but for heavier more resource-hungry languages like Java etc are slow - our free instance types are resource limited so this is likely the cause here.


John B
Render Support, UTC+1 :uk:

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