Web service turns off and when connected again shows "EOF"

I have a web service running made with Flask. It deploys perfectly and shows correctly at first, but after some time without connections, when I enter the webpage again, it loads very slowly to end showing just “EOF”. After that, if I refresh the page it instantly loads correctly. What could be happening and how could I solve it?

Hey Jose,
So firstly, the slow loading results from using the free plan. After 15 minutes with no activity, we spin down the service so that the subsequent request that comes in causes the service to restart (https://render.com/docs/free#free-web-services).

Generally, after the service is started the page is successfully rendered, I’ve never seen an ‘EOF’ displayed myself which might be a result of a timeout occurring in your application itself. As you observed, the next request succeeds as the service has booted at this time,


John B

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