Web service fails with no error with render.yaml

We’re testing out render to migrate a semi-scaled production app since Heroku’s gone down the drain, and I’m just getting a red X next to Create web service api when pushing a render.yaml . There doesn’t appear to be any logs or any messages, so I have no idea why it’s failing. Is there no workaround for this? Kind of a major dealbreaker if we can’t even test it…

Not the only person having this trouble, and it’s very concerning that it’s more than a year ago and there’s no logs or error messages. Render.yaml fails to create web service and Blueprint sync fails with no error messages where I originally replied. Hacker News has spoken highly of render .com but I’m getting the impression that it’s still early stages and not at-scale production ready.

Is there some way to see what happened here?

If you are coming from a IaC background (ex, Cloudformation), I would say Render.com’s blueprint is really early stage. It’s not very well designed and has a lot of flaws that make it hard to fit in with existing engineering methodologies. It’s only tolerable right now because my project is in the prototype stages. However, I wouldn’t recommend it for bigger teams.


Here is a thread that I wrote previously in regards to Blueprint that might give you more insight into the issues with Blueprint: How was blueprint designed to be used?

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That seems to match my experience with render. The UI is ok but the major draw for us was the IaC without the overhead of k8s. I’ll have to check in on it in a year or two. Thanks!

We totally hear you - blueprints is a major focus for us at the moment and we hope to address many of the flaws that you’ve encountered here.

In the meantime, if you do experience issues, it’s definitely worth getting in touch via support@render.com with details of your service and we can look into what’s happening.

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