Using a Render Disk for Rails ActiveStorage

Hi folks,

I recently set up a Disk to point ActiveStorage to in my rails app. I chose /mnt/activestorage and configured my production environment thus:

service: Disk
root: “/mnt/activestorage”

I uploaded an image without issue, but what I’ve found unusual is when I inspect the Disk contents via shell, it appears empty. There is however an identical ‘mnt/activestorage’ folder inside the actual rails project itself, and here I can see the blob file. So it’s as if it’s not actually using the Disk, but creating the same path inside the project.

I wondered whether the mounted Disk was appearing inside the rails project folder for convenience, but that wouldn’t explain why inspecting the root ‘/mnt/activestorage’ appears empty.

Any ideas? Cheers

Hi there,

Are you sure? I don’t see this in your service and see files being created in /mnt/activestorage.


Render Support, UTC+10 :australia:

Ah, I do apologise. It looks like something has changed since my post and the mnt/activestorage that I was seeing in the rails project has dissappeared, and the files are now visible when I go to the correct path. Thanks for checking for me anyway.

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