Upload request getting 408

I suspect this is some load-balancer/proxy limitation.

When I try to upload a bigger file to our service via a browser upload form all I get in my browser is 408 error (no-content response). I suspect it is the LB killing the connection. Is that expected?

Hi @HonzaSterba ,

Sorry for the late reply! That’s not expected behavior. Can you provide more details or provide us with steps to reproduce? Feel free to switch to DM or email if there are details you’d rather not share in public.

Hi @jennifer, unfortunately the upload form is not publicly accessible. It should not be hard to create a Rails app with an form with a file upload field to reproduce this. Please let me know if I should prepare one for you to test it.

Hi @HonzaSterba . Thank you for offering to create an example app that reproduces this! We’d really appreciate if you did that as that would help us figure out the root cause of the issue more quickly. In addition, what is the size of the bigger file that’s getting a 408 error?

Hi, I will prepare the app, the file size was 26mb, but I guess the time to upload is more important.

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Hi, I have created the app here RenderUploadTest
but I cannot reproduce the issue the uploads are going through, so it maybe something specific to our production app, will keep diggging.