Upgrading PostgreSQL version from 11 to latest

I deployed a new version of my application and it was not behaving correctly. After investigating I found out it was because I’m using some PostgreSQL jsonb methods that are available in PostgresSQL version 12 and 13 but not in version 11.

I read the Render documentation about PostgreSQL versions (Databases | Render · Cloud Hosting for Developers) and it says:

The major version for your database is fixed when it is created. We don’t do major database version upgrades without your permission, because it can be unsafe to do so .
All new databases are created with PostgreSQL version 11.

How can I upgrade my database to the latest version? or at least version 12.
Is it performed by Render as the documentation states?

Thank you for your support.

Hi Enrique,

I’ve responded to you via the support email, but I will post a response here as well so others can see.

Unfortunately we don’t support PostgresSQL 13 at the moment. You can upvote the feature here Postgres 12 | Feature Requests | Render (it says 12 but we are considering 13 with it as well). It is already in our roadmap internally and is one of the next projects we have lined up.

If there is anything we can help you with, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


Thank you Oliver for your quick answer.
I will also write here so it’s visible to everyone.
I have already voted the feature in the link you provided. Thank you. It surprised me that there is quite a number of people also in need of this upgrade.

We have already two pull requests that require this upgrade queuing for deployment. Is there any way we can upgrade the version ourselves?

Hey Enrique, unfortunately there’s no way to manually upgrade the version. Sorry for the inconvenience here, we’re aware that some users need PostgreSQL 12/13 features and it is high priority for us.