Upgrading pip before build

I have a problem installing one python module and would like to try to upgrade pip to the latest version.

I am really not a programmer, so excuse my beginner question. But how can I do that?

I tried to prepare script “deploy-script.bat” that I uploaded to git. Script contains:

pip install --upgrade pip
pip install -r requirements.txt

than I tried to put script into “build command” in form:


but this gives me permission error.

What is a correct way to upgrade pip first and than run pip install -r requirements.txt ?

Thank you.

Hi @Petr, you should be able to run pip install --upgrade pip. Is the permissions error you’re seeing related to executing the script? If so you may need to update the permissions on the script to make it executable.

Thank you for the link. I was missing #!/bin/bash in my script. Now everything is working. Thank you.

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