Tailwind nextJS blog doesn't deploy

I am trying to learn website stuff and found this template

The dev made it very easy to deploy it on vercel.
It deploys within a minute or so.

Now I tried to do the same thing here on render and don’t really understand why it doesn’t work.
I tried a number of build commands and everything that I found that might have helped with the deployment to no avail.

I either get exit code 1 and the build fails or the build will take 10 - 20 minutes and show “Not found” on visiting.

What am I missing? Tailwind is a framework to my understanding which shouldn’t be the problem.
And I managed to deploy other next.js websites before so it’s not that.

As I said, I am a noob in the sense of the word so please take that into consideration haha

Hi @reignbeox, it looks like you are trying to deploy the blog template as a static site. The error that you’re running into appears to be related to the export-image-api, which looks like it can’t be used with the next export command. It looks like Vercel has this image optimization built in, which is probably why you’re not running into the same error there. The Next documentation provides some possible solutions for how to approach this: export-image-api | Next.js

Alternatively, you can try deploying it as a Node service to avoid using next export.