Strapi content clears out for every deploy

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I deployed a CMS backend service on render using sqlite3 but for some reason the content data saved on Strapi backend clears out on every deployment.

Also tried the use of a persistent disk storage, and updated the ā€˜DATABASE_FILENAMEā€™ in the environment variables but itā€™s still clears out db on every deploy

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Clearing out the content data on every deployment sounds like data is not being saved on the persistent disk.

For your specific service, please double check for the leading / in DATABASE_FILENAME environment variable value. I think your applicationā€™s database file is not the same as the persistent diskā€™s location (which has a leading /).

You might find our Strapi with Sqlite repo useful for seeing how our example is configured:

Thanks for the response @render_dev

On my service, I have a DATABASE_FILENAME with a value of /data/strapi.db and a persistent disk with a mount path. /data.

With this setup, the content still clears out on every deployment. Also with the example repo shared, I have a similar setup of strapi with my existing repo code.


I recommend looking through your applicationā€™s directories in the Shell tab to determine where your application is saving its SQLite database file. Can you confirm that the file is persisted inside the /data directory at /data/strapi.db? If not, where is the database file being saved and what is controlling the SQLite database configuration? Itā€™s possible that your application is not respecting the DATABASE_FILENAME environment variable.

Only changes to files in the persistent disk (mounted at /data) will persist across deployments.

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