Specify a target build stage for multi-stage Dockerfile

Is there any option for render.yaml, to specify multi-stage docker target?

Hi there,

Are you able to explain a little what you’re trying to achieve here and the use case as we may be able to offer some suggestions

I have a Dockerfile with multi stages. Lets say one stage for base install, other for production, and another for development.

When building an image, docker can stop at a specific stage target.

In docker-compose.yaml it can be specified using target.

  context: .
  target: prod

This feature is also available at heroku.

       dockerfile: Dockerfile
       target: builder
    web: Dockerfile

A workaround is to create separate Dockerfiles. And always using the last stage.


Hi, Render supports multi-stage docker builds. So this should work out of the box, here’s more info on Docker with Render in case it’s helpful. Deploy Docker — How to Use Docker | Render

Thanks for your answer.
Indeed, render supports multi-stage builds.
What I’m looking for is the option target which is used to specify a target build stage. Instead of building entire Dockerfile including every stage.

hi @8tentaculos

That’s not something we currently support but I’ve added it as a feature request Support Docker Multistage target in render.yaml | Feature Requests | Render - please make sure to upvote it for later inclusion in the product.