[SOLVED] Postgresql: Running pg_restore with +300.000 rows times out in Frankfurt region

I’m moving from Heroku to Render, and I’d like to bring my data with me :slight_smile:

I’ve tried psql with an sql export, and pg_restore with an sql/tar dump. Both start, continue for a bit, and then times out when a table with ~300.000 records is being restored. When using pg_restore I get this error:

error: error returned by PQputCopyData: SSL SYSCALL error: Operation timed out

The command I’m running is:

pg_restore --no-owner --password -h DATABASE_HOST -U USERNAME -d DATABASE_NAME dump.sql

The dump.sql is ~600MB, the database is on a Standard plan, and located in the Frankfurt region. I’ve checked statement_timeout and idle_in_transaction_session_timeout, which are both set to zero.

Am I missing a configuration somewhere that would allow pg_restore to finish?

(edit: added Render plan and statement_timeout + idle_in_transaction_session_timeout checks)

Found a solution that, at least for my database, worked :tada:

I changed the file format to directory (--format=d below) when running pg_dump. Hence, my pg_dump command (at Heroku) looks like this:

pg_dump -U DB_USER_NAME -d DB_NAME -n 'public' -f "path/to/dump.sql" --no-owner --no-acl --format=d

Before running pg_restore on a fresh instance of PostgreSQL at Render, I tweaked a few settings:

SET work_mem TO '1GB';
SET maintenance_work_mem TO '1GB';

Followed by (remember --format=d):

pg_restore --verbose --no-owner --format=d -h DB_HOST -U DB_USER_NAME -d DB_NAME dump.sql

Lastly, I reversed settings to defaults (not sure if these vary from plan to plan):

SET work_mem TO '1MB';
SET maintenance_work_mem TO '64MB';

I was on a standard-0 at Heroku, and now on a Standard at Render. All commands were run on instances with PostgreSQL 12.x :robot:



Great research and thank you for sharing your findings with the community so that everyone can benefit

John B