Shared Express-Sessions not coming through on Render Web App

Ok this may very well not be Render’s fault, but I need to figure out what’s causing this problem.

I have 2 node js servers that share an authenticated user session via mongodb.

On my local network, everything works fine. A user logged into the main server is also authenticated on the 2nd server which handles media streaming.

But for some reason, the media server on Render (production) is not getting the session.

My cors settings are currently set to allow all incoming requests to debug this issue, but perhaps I’m missing something important. After a lot of research from similar questions on stack overflow, I notice that it could be a host-specifc issue, which is why I thought I’d ask.

Thanks in advance for helping, I appreciate it. Lmk if I should provide any more info / code.

Hi James,

Can you try adding some additional logging to capture more details about the requests that are sending/receiving session data to/from your mongodb instance?

What kind of host-specific things were you considering?