Secret files not available in runtime as documented

The Secret Files description was changed some time ago. Previously it stated that secrets were accessible from /etc/secrets at runtime. Now it states:

Secret Files

Store plaintext files containing secret data (such as a .env file or a private key).

Read these files during builds and at runtime from your app’s specified root directory, or from the absolute path /etc/secrets/<filename>.

I attempted to leverage this, as it’s much easier when .NET appsettings.json files are located in the application root directory. Currently we need to run sh -c ln -s /etc/secrets/appsettings.json && ./my-executable to start our program.

However when I removed the symlink command, it stopped working. I SSH-ed into the machine, and found that the secrets really are only in /etc/secrets. Why was the documentation changed, but the behaviour was not changed, and secrets really are only in /etc/secrets?

UPDATE: Nevermind, I guess it makes sense that this would only work if we built the docker container on Render. Ours is pulled from dockerhub. I guess in that case it only mounts the /etc/secrets. I guess the statement is just a bit too broad, which lead to this confusion.

I thought that the changed documentation meant render would pull the image from dockerhub, then add a layer on top that adds the secret files to the WORKDIR.

Image deploys can only access secret files via /etc/secrets/filename. The UI around secret files reflects this for image-based deploys.

It could be that a reference needs to be added to the documentation you refer to, to exclude images from the root directory behaviour,


John B
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