Rust actix 4 deploy fails without logs

Trying to create a rust web server using actix-4, but the deploy alwats fails without any logs…

The code is the same provided by the actix example

use actix_web::{get, post, web, App, HttpResponse, HttpServer, Responder};

async fn hello() -> impl Responder {
    HttpResponse::Ok().body("Hello world!")

async fn echo(req_body: String) -> impl Responder {

async fn manual_hello() -> impl Responder {
    HttpResponse::Ok().body("Hey there!")

async fn main() -> std::io::Result<()> {
    HttpServer::new(|| {
            .route("/hey", web::get().to(manual_hello))
    .bind(("", 8080))?

Hi there,

Happy to take a closer look, can you let me know the name of the service having trouble? Also, is this the example you are referring to

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