Render Postgres database doesn't seem to respond

This is my config for the database…

const db = knex({
client: ‘xxx’,
connection: {
host : ‘xxxxxx’,(internal db url)
port : 5432,
hostname: ‘xxxxxx’,
username : ‘xxxx’,
password : ‘xxxxx’,
database : ‘xxxxx’

am i missing something?


The config doesn’t really help. However, you seem to have a host and hostname defined. From the knex docs, it looks like host is the correct attribute.

I expect the logs of your connecting service may be of more help in pinpointing what part of the DB interaction is failing.

It may give more clues on the actual failure, e.g.:

  • Connecting to the database error? Probably a host config issue, if using the internal DB URL, both the Service & DB need to be in the same account & region.

  • Auth error? Username/password/database may be incorrect.


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