React Routing some routes work some don't

I have a react app running locally without issue.

Problem statement: Link in the hamburger menu work locally and not on render. On render two links fail to load the appropriate UI.

Actual Behavior: When I click on the hamburger navigation menu and select the Login or Register link I am taken to a IT Logger with a blank UI.
When I click on the About link in the hamburger menu I am taken to the correct page of IT Logger.

Expected Behavior: Any of the links in the hamburger navigation menu should navigate the user to a page accordingly ,About, Login, Register, IT-Logger(Landing page)

Device/Browser: Macbook Pro BigSur/ Goolge Chrome Version 105.0.5195.125


  • Why do some links in the hamburger menu work and others don’t?
  • All the hamburger navigation links are front end routes, no auth or backend is touching them
  • If I hardcode the route in the url I end up with the same results
  • This static website is also making request without issue to my web service node/express backend via /api/*
Frontend Link =
Backend Link=

See the screenshots for my rewrite rules

Hey there - all of the links in the hamburger work for me - perhaps some local caching of the old JS? Typically routing issues with React are caused by the missing rewite rule which is used for deep linking - just clicking around in the nav should keep you within the React application.

John B

Once you click on the demo button and you are taken inside the application you are correct.

Without clicking on the demo button and remaining outside the application a user can not login or register because there is no UI linking to the navigation. See the screenshot for the UI a user would experience if they tried to register and gain entry into the application.

This is SOLVED the issue was the browser caching mentioned in your earlier post. Thanks John B

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