React app not rendering data from Web Service

I successfully deployed the backend of my application on Web Service and the React frontend with Static Sites. However I’m coming across several problems:

  1. Logo header image is the wrong size and doesn’t reflect most recent CSS styling.
  2. When I go to /login or /register or any slug I enter into the URL manually, it returns “Not Found”
  3. Home page does not return any API data from the Node server.

Here is my website:

Any help would be appreciated, please! There are no errors in the console or anywhere to guide me at this point.


These don’t all sound like Render issues, but I’ll try and help with your queries:

  1. You’ll need to check your CSS is being generated/served as you expect. There are various methods for implementing styling nowadays, CSS modules, built files, pre-processors, etc. Maybe the browser console/inspector will help you pinpoint stylesheet issues.

  2. That sounds like you’re using client-side routing (e…g React Router), you’ll need to setup a rewrite rule on a Static Site for that to work, covered in our React deploy guide:

  3. Again, maybe check the browser console/network tab to make sure your frontend it making the API calls you expect and if they’re successful. If you’re using a Web Service with a free instance type, it will spin-down with inactivity and spin back up on the next request, which can take a little time, which could make it appear as nothing loaded until it boots. More on that in the docs:


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