React app calling non secure api

Is there way to disable the SSL cert on a static site hosted here? My react app that I’m hosting calls on an unsecure api (starts with http instead of https) and creates a mixed content error. I can manually allow mixed content on my browser but I’d like to avoid these steps by disabling ssl. There is not secure version of the api (calling it with https does not connect to anything) and I need to use this specific one because its part of a project that needs to be hosted.

Any solutions or alternative hosting services are welcome since seemingly a lot of them offer “free SSL” for hosting.

Hi Nick,

Thanks for reaching out.

Automatic TLS on Render services cannot be disabled.

I’d suggest to the API owner that they should think about making their connections more secure, rather than you reducing yours.

A workaround could be to set up your own Render Web Service that calls the API server-side and exposes the data, which would be over https for your client-side calls.

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