Rails Deploy Failing

I followed your guide and yet I’m still getting failed build.
I am not sure if this is the actual point where the build fails but here is what I got:
error: failed to solve: process "/bin/bash -c /render/build-scripts/apply-buildpacks.py
Wait, .py? Hold on, why is there a python file being called for here? It’s a ruby on rails project!


It sounds like you’re using the Heroku migration tool, which includes some scripts (in Python and bash) to aid the build process. There’s likely some other error further up in the logs.

If it’s just a Ruby on Rails project, you’ll likely find it a lot simpler to use a Native Environment. The build process can be a script as outlined in our docs here: Getting Started with Ruby on Rails on Render - Create a Build Script. The migration tool is more intended for projects with customer/third-party buildpacks.


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