Rails app repeatedly exiting with status 1 for background worker with sidekiq


I have been experiencing issues with my Rails application on the platform. The application keeps exiting with status code 1 and attempts to restart repeatedly. This started happening after the first deployment related to Sidekiq and Redis configuration.

Logs just show the repeated restart attempts with the line “Starting service with ‘bundle exec sidekiq’” but there are no specific error messages to help diagnose the problem. I’m also receiving notifications that the server is unhealthy, then healthy, then unhealthy again.

Can you please assist me in diagnosing and resolving this issue?

Thank you,

Hey there,

To me, that sounds like Sidekiq is crashing immediately on start up - at a guess with limited info, have you configured REDIS_URL for that background worker to match what the Rails service has?

Let me know how that goes?

John B
Render Support, UTC+1 :uk:

Hello John,

I have set REDIS_URL to my .env file provided by the Redis instance which is the internal Redis URL
Here is the screenshot of my code :

Screenshot 2023-05-23 12.14.11 PM

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