Python file cant be executed and logs shows no error

I have deployed a vanilla js server. And has added python to add wikipedia search to it. It works completely fine on localhost but shows error on website but not on server logs


There will always be differences between environments, development mode/Local, production mode/Render, etc. These differences need to be considered and configured as required for your own app in each environment.

If you’re trying to use Python & Node, you may want to use the Python Runtime. Each Render runtime includes Node, but the reverse isn’t true.

If that’s not the issue, please share some specific details of the issue you are experiencing that may help us troubleshoot it with you, e.g. any logs/errors/output, specific URLs, service name/ID, reproduction steps, etc.

If you don’t want to share these details on the community forum, please feel free to raise a ticket from the “Help” or “Contact Support” links while logged into the Dashboard.


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